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Default Re: Introverted perps

Actually this is not off topic. Lots of clients, to use EMDR, need ego state preparations, in my opinion.

Everything nearly that works in treating DID works with DDNOS, including parts work. The only thing that one can't do with DDNOS is work behind an amnesia barrier, because there is none. Some use hypnosis to create an amnesia barrier, and that's one way to go.

Again, generally, it is enormously common for the part/s that "do life", the "apparently normal" ego states, to not believe the whole thing. That's ok, and its related to the amnesia barrier thing. In DID and in DDNOS, the front may not believe the parts business, but as long as they show up, let the deep necessary work happen, and show up to drive home, the work gets done. I've exaggerated that to make the point. Actually the front part/s also get therapy time too, just not the whole thing.

I remember 18 years ago when I first encountered DID and started looking to see what could be understood and treated using ego state work, I was dumbfounded by how far the application was. After getting past my own wonderment about whether what I was seeing could be true, I found that I could often produce great results for people wiht a combination of EMDR and ego state work.

Back then, in 1991, EMDR people thought I was off my rocker I think, but now that view is held by many EMDR practitioners and there are many presentations on ego state work.

Talk therapy that doesn't take ego states into account is only dealing with the front of the house that is the client. For clients to have to read about their own ego state therapy and theory is difficult, because often just the front of the house is doing the reading and writing on the internet! Now if people could get more of their self system to understand how, for example, their perpetrator introjects are misunderstood protectors, the inner world might be a different place. That's why in my book, I use over 100 original cartoons. Using metaphors, I believe it bypasses the front part and includes the peanut gallery and honchos deep inside. But not everyone is ready to do that, so it should be done with a therapist, not just from reading.

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