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Default Re: Rushton on BW IQ

My mother tended to view sports negatively (both my parents lacked athletic ability), and that sports were mostly silly and a waste of time—and so I suppose one could theorize that I generally do poorly whenever I attempt things like golf, tennis, etc. b/c of my upbringing. OTOH, I suspect that even if I had been adopted and raised by Tiger Wood’s mother & father, I’d still be dreadful at golf.

So I no longer blame my parents or my upbringing or the culture or the Republicans for my shortcomings in areas like athletic ability and/or intelligence—rather I blame mostly the genes that my parents passed on to me.

It seems that life is often not fair, and that we simply must play the hand we’re dealt . . . although I myself am sometimes able to cheat a bit by taking certain drugs to compensate somewhat for my limited intelligence (although I haven’t found anything to help with my limited athletic ability . . . I guess I lack the balls to try steroids).

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