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Default Re: Rushton on BW IQ

James, here is my question about IQ as a measure of human intelligence. If I spend my childhood at home studying math, while you are out there playing football, and I end up scoring higher on SAT or IQ tests, does that mean I'm smarter than you?

My casual observation of how much effort the main races put in studying is, Asians 10, Whites 5, Hispanics 2, Blacks 1. Now if Asians were to put in one tenth of their current effort, I'm pretty sure they are going to end up scoring as low on IQ tests as blacks.

I think intelligence has a lot to do with how children are brought up by their parents, and different races have different cultures and child rearing practices. I do not like affirmative action either, but my reason is not genetics. I think it is high time that all these cultures (African, Asian, Hispanic, Arabic, etc) received an objective scrutiny.
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