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Default Re: CBT, religious faith, current events....


You may want to read "The Answer Within" by Steve Lankton. It is a book about the legacy of Milton Erickson. He discusses at length about the concept of Utilization. Utilization is at its core a tool that allows the clinican to use what the client brings to therapy as a resource to help them change. It is the opposite of confrontation which often makes the client want to resist the therapist. I think that this book will provide you with the theoritical justification that you are seeking for working within the belief system of this client. I also wanted to ask you if your client discusses his ideas with some other person in order to get a diverse set of opinions on the matter? I know you said he won't talk with a pastor but what about another spiritual mentor? If he talks with such a person, can he bring that person into the session?

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