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Default Re: CBT, religious faith, current events....

I hope that you don't mind if I reply from the point of view of a meditator, and someone who has had a fair amount of exposure to a variety of belief systems, both from religion and psychology.

The answer always lies within.

No belief system can take away his power, not psychology, not religion, not the state.

I suggest that he take the risk and expose himself to many belief systems, as crazy and dangerous as they may seem to him (exposure therapy?). Demonstrate to himself that his relationship with God is strong, and he can maintain the integrity of his "self". And, the benefit might be, although I would not suggest this to him, is that he may find that he broadens his belief system, embracing more empowering notions of qualities such as humility. He may deepen his spirituality. I tend to think that Hindu belief are perhaps the most empowering in this way.

I also suggest that he become quiet, and listen to his heart, or his gut, or his intuition, whatever resonates with him. Suggest that perhaps he scan all the things that he has tried to deal with this, until he finds the one thing that either has not been tried or that has done the most damage in the act of trying to fix the problem. Call it contemplation. He may find the answers there. He may ask himself in this process, "What do I need in order to heal, and how do I get it?" This is a long-term process. It may take months before the answer is revealed. It may not work at all. But, I've always found that eventually, when I stop trying to problem solve, and I listen to the heart, the gut, the pain, that that is the voice that leads me. What's the heart trying to say, what's the message that the pain is trying to convey?

I've been doing this for many years now. Religion is not my innate interest. It was born of necessity and chance. Most people who are very deeply spiritual are driven, much like a gifted child is to math or the piano. He may just be one of those people. And just a thought, someone once said to me, a religious person fears going to hell. A spiritual person has already been there and back.
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