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Here's a general comment about physical sensations that are uncomfortable. In order to avoid being flooded by unpleasant body sensations, one can reconceptualize the task (before EMDR) as being to marinate oneself in a pleasant sensation or state (thoughts of the beach, riding a horse, playing basketball, luxuriating under a blanket, whatever feels safe and strengthening ot each person). After that experience, which is strengthening, then one can nibble around the edges of an unpleasant sensation. One doesn't have to live there, just touch on it gently, experienc it, and then gently gently redirect attention to the strengthening experience, the same one used before. And go back and forth like a figure eight. Round and around. This actually metabolizes the negative experience so it becomes more tolerable. This is the heart of Somatic Transformation and Somatic Experiencing. It well prepares people for the experience of EMDR. In EMDR, we resource first and we resource at the end of the EMDR but not in the middle. So SE or ST is a good baby step for people with lifelong habits of body disconnection. May or may not be good for you though -- general comments only.
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