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Thank you for your posts and explinations/definitions.

I did 'sit' with this memory and decided it was probably true. My current life won't change because of this little bit of information.

But, it seems that after accepting it, I have had a couple of somatic 'memories', which is a new and not pleasant experience. Perhaps they are serving to validate my memory. But if just a one small sentence of a memory of abuse brings this amount of unwanted physical feeling, I am afraid of what a full blown flashback might bring.

I appreciate your posts.

oh, and to other posts...I would never be able to do EMDR if my therapist had to sit close to me or touch me. I use a light box and headphones, because I am too easily distracted. She sits about 4 feet away. I tried it after a while without the headphones but my mind would revert back to wondering about the crows calling and the other noises outside. I also hate the question of how much I am feeling discomfort. A lifetime of dissociation from my body doesn't enable that question to make sense.
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