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Unhappy Re: risks of dissociation

I understand your answers need to be very general and not specific to my situation. I will try to keep my questions focused on emdr related topics.

How does a therapist know when someone with DID has been resourced and stabilized properly? Is it trial and error or are there other specific goals / signs to look for?

Is there a problem if all parts can't be known?

I may end up directing my own therapy. That's why I want to know.

The therapist I did have I thought was experienced. It now seems his vast 'experience' comes from screening out those who aren't so easy.

I have contacted the ISSD trainer for this area and no one is available or accepting insurance (self pay @ 100/hour). Emdr therapists claiming they treat dissociation out number ISSD therapists, a thousand to one.

It seems there's a high demand for such a "rare disorder".

If ISSD experience is so critical, then why are so many without it - claiming they can treat DID? The vast majority of those are clearly basing it on edmr skills. It really is 1,000:1 in this area.
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