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Default Re: Ending EMDR before completion

Hi Piper,

There are many ego psychology techniques that you can learn about for free on the web, that you can use to help you with grounding and stabilization - both ZPoint Process and EFT can be self-taught.

I would not suggest that you use them to do trauma processing right now - or work on any trauma processing. What you might want to do is use these or other grounding techniques that feel right to you, to work on strengthening feelings of peace and letting the different parts of you know that they are safe in the present day and that they are not alone (they have you, they have each other, and if you have any good 3D supports they have those too).

Remember to breathe and even think positive affirmations to yourself and for them (you can strengthen these with energy work too), and talk to them the way that you would to anyone else who was feeling sad, scared or alone.

Sometimes things get stirred up. Slowing down actually can help healing to then go faster. Working NOT on trauma but rather on creating feelings of greater peace and stability in the present day will bring you much further right now than trying to process trauma through any methods.

If you are looking for low cost therapy options, rape crisis centres or especially hospital based sexual assault and/or domestic violence programs are often good places to look for specialized treatment, providing you meet their criteria for being eligible for service.

Hang in there & take gentle care,

Carol Ann
Carol Ann Rowland, MSW, RSW
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