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Default Re: Ending EMDR before completion

Yes Sandra,
The NC and the PC: the NC's were that "I am defective...I am not acknowedged" the PC was "I am able to express my emotions, ".

Your question has me thinking back and recalling that initially the PC was "I am safe with my mother" which is really not a valid PC. Then it changed to "I am safe. While it was further changed at my prodding to a PC about HER rather than the client's circumstance, I find myself wondering if it REALLY changed in my client's mind. When I was checking the PC, I was looking at my notes of course, and I think I initially inadvertantly reminded the client of the second one, noting it had changed, and then asking re the final one. Hmm. The client's mother is mentally disturbed and has definite paranoia.

ON the other hand, I rechecked this at the opening of the next session and the SUD was now a zero and the VOC a 1.
The client declined working further with it. Any suggestions/comments? Thanks.
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