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A client can only do so much. The therapist has to have their own methods for handling these things.

I really can't give you specific advice, but the preceding posts have many points to discuss with your therapist. If you print this off and bring it to him, you can discuss whether they apply in your case or not.

In general, when processing is blocked and a person instead has thoughts of self harm, it suggests the possibility that a part of self intends to punish the self instead of allowing the processing. As I've said here many times in regards to many many cases in general, often its important for preliminary work such as stabilization and ego state therapy to untangle the internal dynamics before ever doing EMDR.

It is neither safe nor wise for ANY therapist or client to ignore these cautions and continue with EMDR in the presence of 1) destabilization or 2) increased self harm potential. These general statements may be found in Shapiro's texts including the Appendix that addresses contraindications to proceeding with EMDR.

I can't be more clear and I can't give you specific comments on your case, truly I can't, so I don't know if any of the above applies to you or your situation.

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