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Default Re: From the ground up ... an Adlerian primer??

It’s been far between posts and I’m catching up with reading some of the last entries.

Yes I agree with George – boy indeed, isn’t reading Adler growing on you!

I am intrigued with the neurotic ‘condition’. Reading in some of Adler’s papers he stresses many times, that to redirect such a patient it needs the professional intervention of -partly or both - a medic and a IP Therapist. And this I believe to be quite logical since so much skill and knowledge of the whole person is needed to be a good guide out of the maze.
I wonder though, how far ‘healthy’ or less incumbered souls (people) can be an influence on others by living a balanced life, encouraging that social interest, affirming the successes (however small or insignificant) and demonstrating a goal that is outward oriented – (global consciousness ?)
It’s just that people really needing help out of the maze never dream of seeing a ‘Therapist’. What do we as community-members do, when such people are within our circle of influence and concern. (Because it's difficult to deal and live with such people !!) Maybe ‘understanding’ and other ‘pro-social’ activities might not be enough..........but maybe they act like water on dry clay – soften it up for the potter’s work.
I think I just need to have a glimmer of hope sometimes................
What do you think?
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