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Cool Re: Figures of Interest/Writing for Gestalt!

Phil, many kudos to you in thinking of and arranging all that. It sounds like a potentially wonderful collaborative effort and movement in the direction of better all-around communication, networking, and good vedanas.

It will be important, I think--and you've probably already thought of this, but I'll say it anyway--to ensure that there is a clear demarcation--a "department" or "feature" or something of the sort, to distinguish those in-progress contributions from others that are intended as final submissions to Gestalt! Certainly there will be many online readers who will seldom if ever see the hardcopy journals. In addition, the lack of such a clear demarcation could be seen as a statement that all writing for Gestalt! is potentially not quite up to snuff, which would surely discourage some potential authors and make it harder for us to solicit top notch contributors.

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