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Default Re: Figures of Interest/Writing for Gestalt!

I just wanted to follow up on that last post and to alert people that Gestalt! is in active cooperation with The International Gestalt Journal, Gestalt Review, and the Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand to this end: Gestalt! will provide a public venue on the world wide web where people can publish a work in progress and receive feedback and support contributing to the completion of their articles and the submission of more polished work to one of the journals mentioned above (or to still more journals as this kind of process becomes beneficial to other editors who wish to take advantage of nurturing their authors).

The process could be that an author contacts the Sr. Editor at Gestalt! directly with a work in progress, and from there we interact with that author to get the piece ready for Gestalt!, publish it online and provide a feedback mechanism (bulletin board response function), linked to a temporary membership in Gstalt-L, the eCommunity for Gestalt Therapy, so that the author might have two avenues through which to gain feedback and support for the refining of their work. The staff at Gestalt! is in active cooperation with hard copy journals, so we can also offer suggestions as to where submission might gain a favorable response for the author's finished piece.

From another perspective, sometimes an author will contact the hard copy journal first, and in that case they might be referred by that editor to Gestalt! as one means of taking their piece of writing to the next level, a level containing the kind of writing necessary for publication in that journal.

All this demonstrates a new kind of cooperation among the virtual and real world of Gestalt publishing. We are working on making the online and the hard copy worlds complement one another more completely - ways that really make us all part of one, larger gestalt.

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