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Lightbulb Re: From the ground up ... an Adlerian primer??

The neurotic is a person moving in a wrong direction away from social interest toward his personal goal of "fictional superiority". Under pinning this movement is his "feeling of inferiority". The vector quality, if you will, of the movement to superiority is in direct relationship to the depths of the inferiority feeling. As you read Adler more, you will see that he is advancing the notion that "social interest" when properly applied, will always dissolve away the neurotic's need to elevate himself above his fellows. By the way, the construction is often antithetical. For example this person may conclude,"If I can not be the greatest saint, then I will be the greatest sinner" ... but always away from social interest and fellow man. The neurotic has a very limited sense of "fellowmanship". Thus the key intervention is not exposing the flawed logic (that may come later), but rather is to encourage very accurately and continuously, this deeply wounded fellowman. Keep on reading. Adler is tough reading, but boy he grows on you!
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