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Default Re: From the ground up ... an Adlerian primer??

Excuse the typo in my name and I'm not even sure I should be on this site as I'm not a practitioner or a physician. I'm reading 'What Life Should mean for you' and Adler's got me pretty much pinned in the neurotic mode i.e. accepting lesser challenges than the rough and tumble of the three ties that bind us to life. My question- and maybe you could put me onto a more appropriate site, is whether Adler saw a neurotic as an immutable type who was perpetually stuck or did he see degrees of neurosis or did he see it as a phase? One theme I'm picking up is that community action or looking out for the common good or looking after someone lifts one out of the neurotic state. Another is that 'encouragement' is the relevant therapy to dispel ingrained 'discouragement'.
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