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Default Re: From the ground up ... an Adlerian primer??

One thing I'd be curious to hear about is how Adlerian approaches could be used with Motivational Interviewing and the Stages of Change model. I know that Adler would assess and interpret what the Pt.'s Lifestyle & Fictional Goal were. He would then "interpret the client to the client." Then he would "encourage" the client to make appropriate changes to his/her Lifestyle towards a more "Common Sense" goal. (I'm throwing in the terminology as I remember it off the top of my head!) With the Stages of Change model utilized by Miller & DeClemente, the therapist helps the client to assess herself. But this approach seems to focus more on the present situation, and does not specifically deal with the Pt.'s history (Family Constellation, Birth Order, etc.) Then there are ways to help the client increase her readiness toward positve change and move through the stages of Preconemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action & Maintenance. I'm curious to know if there are any Adlerians out there who have utilized & synthesized the Stages of Change model and Motivational Interviewing techniques along with Adlerian concepts and techniques. If there are, I would love to get some feedback. To me this is important, because there are a lot of new models and approaches that we havebeen exposed to that weren't around in Adler's day. I want to utilize the new information that is out there along with what I am learnng from Individual psychology. Your feedback is most appreciated.
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