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Default Re: From the ground up ... an Adlerian primer??

Isobel may I welcome you to the forum on behalf of us all. It is nice to have a new person involved in the activity. Adler's psychology is very deep indeed and there really is no textbook that teaches it. I doubt any such book could be produced. May I suggest that you could make a wonderful contribution to the forum by asking questions. There are people on it that know the theory deeply but it is hard to know where to begin any teaching program. For myself, who am far from well informed, I find questions both draw me out and also drive me deeper into this theory. I had this discussion with a colleague here in my community today. He was asking what books he should read. Of course the Ansbacher work is a wonderful place to start, but ultimately at a later time, it will be wonderful when you are able to purchase and read the new translations. The Ansbacher text pulls some things out of sequence for teaching purposes. There is nothing really wrong with that as long as you subsequently continue to look at the theory in its depth and breadth which I must warn you, will be a lifetime undertaking. Glad to have you posting with us. Please keep up your good work and see if you can ask us some questions that will increase the depth and scope of this forum.
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