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Lindsay Smith
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Default Re: Need help please

Hi Chrissy,

You observed that your client has ... 'has difficulty expressing feelings verbally.'

That goes for most of us. Most people express most of what they mean through body language. So try to become very intuitive. Use your sixth sense.

Last year a client came to see me with his wife & announced that "the doctor says there is nothing wrong with me. The psychologist said there is nothing wrong with me, but there is something wrong with me." So that didn't give us much to go on.

He had driven about 5 hours to get to me & said that he seldom came to town. About a fortnight after our session his wife brought her friend & neighbour to see me. I asked after her husband & she said he was fine.

I asked if he was 'doing the homework' & she said "yes, everyday he goes into the spare room & looks at the wall like you taught him."

When I asked, "what happened?" She replied, "well, he got angry at work once. He told them why he was angry & he didn't bring it home."

I said, "so we were dealing with anger then." She said yes, "his whole family shout at each other all the time. He doesn't do that anymore."

The neighbour said, "he's a different person since he came here."
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