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Default Re: Tennis, I mean, Life Coaching Anyone?

And the latest title in this trend: Certified Journey Practitioner. I had lunch with one at a business networking meeting, and it was interesting. This one in particular did not see the difference between what she does and what I do, and had interesting ideas on how the whole notion of dual relationships and confidentiality "needs to change," and how I should be open to seeing other business people that belong to this network as clients (and then of course we just don't talk about "the issues" when we're socializing). The network itself is great, for generating ideas on places to market to, and inexpensive ways to advertise, but there are quite a few of the life coaching types around. I'm relieved to hear this is a long-time recurring trend and not the start of some big change on the horizon.

I'm with you in being old fashioned on this one.
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