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Default Re: Tennis, I mean, Life Coaching Anyone?

Actually, I wouldn't recommend a financial counselor, either. That's not part of a therapist's/counselor's/psychiatrist's role, is usually outside our expertise, and could be associated with liability or conflict of interest (especially if one knows or works with the financial counselor oneself -- for goodness' sake don't refer patients to your spouse unless there's a very good clinical reason!). Referrals to a professional close to one's field (mental health) seem fine, but I'd limit other comments to suggesting that the patient/client look to some objective resource [outside the therapy] for a recommendation.

In a "worst case," suppose you had your retirement with Madoff or Stanford and gave that name to a patient? (And remember, it is generally considered unethical (or at least a boundary issue) to do the opposite; that is, to act on information such as business advice or information received from a patient.)

The patients/clients one is treating are there for one purpose: treatment. Everything else should be scrutinized for countertransference, patient exploitation (even very small exploitations, not necessarily something terrible), and boundary issues (which are not always terrible either).

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