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Default Re: Tennis, I mean, Life Coaching Anyone?

Coaching doesnt have the professional standards and laws that therapy does. For that reason it is possible for coaches to have a wide variety of training and experiences to help in their job.

I know of a few MFT's or Ma level psychology majors who are coaches and do well. I also know of some with little to no official psychology training, who feels they have something to contribute and set themselves up as coaches. Its a buyer beware kind of thing.

As far as I understand the definitions therapy is often focused on the past and present, and getting a person more "whole". Coaching focuses on the present and future. Coaching is more about how to reach certain goals, and they are often external goals.

Coaches with higher education often does not advertise the same places as the new agers - although some do.

I would say to just be clear with the client which capacity you act in, and I dont see a problem.

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