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Default Re: Tennis, I mean, Life Coaching Anyone?

Don't believe me; I'm older than most of you and probably out of touch in many areas. The "life coaches" I have run across in person are often nice people but tend to be touchy-feely types who didn't bother to get much formal counseling education or experience and are trying to fill a current pop-psychology niche to make themselves feel professional and/or grab a buck. In the Austin, TX, area, they advertise in alternative newspapers and new age throwaway publications (and the articles they write in those publications are self-serving & almost always accepted because they bought advertising space). Life coaching kinds of things come along every decade or so under a new, catchy name. I don't see much harm if someone wants to pay for it, but I'd vote against having it covered by health insurance as some kind of mental health profession.

Gee, I hope that doesn't sound critical. These newfangled whippersnappers . . . no, that would make me sound even older. :-)
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