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Originally Posted by George Neeson View Post
$45,692.00, that is a very disturbing report. There are things I should like to say but discretion would indicate that I should not. It could be seen that such massive exchanges of money has the potential for "wickedness". Surely this could be seen to be inappropriate both professionally by the psychiatrists and in business terms by the American equivalent of our Food and Drug Directorate.

I find this report very troubling. These are all new drugs and any experienced physician knows by hard experience that the real nasty side effects of new medications may not appear for years. What has happened to clinical judgement and the appropriate use of the best proven intervention which may not be a drug at all?

As an outpatient therapist I get frustrated when a client comes to a session reporting that either "the medication is working," and therefore "I'm done with therapy,' or "My mother died this week, I haven't felt like getting out of bed, I can't sleep or concentrate. I think I need a medication adjustment."

when people rely solely on medication to deal with symptoms, and life, they often enter into a cycle where the medication works for a while, then they build tolerance and, because they haven't been doing anything inwardly or outwardly to make changes in their lives or attitude, they inevitably go running b ack to their psychiatrist for a "medication adjustment."

And when you increase a medication, more often than not, you increase the side effects. then because your health has gone down the toilet and you feel like crap more days than not, you become even more depressed.

The pressure to be medicated comes from all angles and is an easy win in our immediate gratification society.
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