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Default Re: You make my point about eugenics...

I believe religiousity contains aspects of many things, herding included. You needn't argue away my point as only herding or complete madness.

If you want to add spirits/ghosts as another aspect of religion, I would suggest that, as members of a social species, we crave closeness to significant others and feel pain when they're lost; having them still floating about reduces that pain and allows us to go about our daily business. It makes sense that there would be a genetic disposition to something that healthy (psychologically and therefore physically).

Religion lumps those two, plus others, into one. That we are genetically inclined to the parts does not mean that we're genetically incline to the whole.

Are there other parts you want to lump in that I can assign to some other disposition? I still don't think there's a god gene, more like many genes which a god has been invented to accommodate.

BTW, it might be more fair for you to remove your insult after editing out mine; can you unlock the other thread and move these posts to it?
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