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Default You make my point about eugenics...

As I see it, only under 2 conditions: either I'm intentionally trying to eradicate a gene for religiousity or I'm attacking FH because he's on the side of religion in schools.

First, I don't believe there is a gene for religiousity (by 'gene for' I'm simplifying the terms, not implying that this trait could not instead be the interaction between thousands of individual genes). There's a gene for herding and curiosity, with its 'need to know'. Even if there were, I'm not saying these people should not breed.

Second, I do not attack even the most fundamentally religious people if they argue fairly, and I've proven that.

I guess, since you closed the previous thread after taking your last pot shot without so much as a warning about my posts, I can expect to be banned now... Really.

If there's some other means by which I've 'made your point' I'd like to know what I'm missing.

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