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Default Re: For Fred et al from Mother Jones

I'm delighted with your debates: such indicate the power of a "gene for" religion….
Thank you brother Jim, but I think the only reason I continue to argue/debate so-called atheists is for sport. However, their typical lack intellectual honesty and rigor does grow tiresome.

Fred’s axiom: Atheism is a vacuum, ergo, atheism sucks.

If indeed there is a gene for religion, I’d say it’s probably the same gene(s) required to discover the truth of mathematics and the realities of the hard physical sciences; and not whatever it is that drives zoologist blowhards like Dawkins to blindly believe/accept and preach that a circular notion like “natural selection” is science or truly explains or predicts much of anything.

Asked by a reporter whether he believed that science and Christianity were competing world views, Hawking replied: "Then Newton would not have discovered the law of gravity."
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