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Default Re: Selling Evolution

Todd: To me, probability is in a very real sense the mathematics of randomness. Probability expresses our best efforts to understand the nature of randomness, to provide a way of making decisions based on relative uncertainty about the world.
As you know Todd, my own view is that randomness is an illusion, although our ignorance certainly seems to be real, and probability is merely our efforts to quantify that ignorance.

As far as I know, randomness is not falsifiable; and I don’t know of anything that convincingly proves/establishes/confirms that randomness is real, certainly not at the classical level . . . although there is that pesky quantum level “measurement problem,” a “problem” that only seems to arise b/c we are attempting a “measurement” on something (the quantum level wave-particle) that we don’t yet seem to begin to truly understand.

Do you agree that “randomness” may well be an illusion, that there really is no way of proving or confirming that randomness is in any meaningful way real? Or can you provide (succinct and convincing) evidence that confirms the reality of randomness?
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