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Default Re: Selling Evolution

Originally Posted by Fred H.
Bingo! The “control” Tom claims to “feel” is also known as free will, choice, moral responsibility. But, unfortunately, such things seem to be fully available only to sane, rational adults able to comprehend and acknowledge that they do indeed have at least some choice and that they do indeed have moral responsibility. Therefore, I suspect that whatever “control” Tom thinks he “feels,” much or all of it may be an illusion. Nevertheless, I still think he has to be held accountable for the incoherent illogical crap that he posts here.

Perhaps someone else here would care enough to call Tom on his nonsense?
Yes, "feel" is the operative word here. It IS all an illusion. Unless, of course, you're able to describe in what any true autonomy from the chemicals in our brains resides. No, I thought not. Otherwise, your superior moral fumes would not need your meds.

As for "incoherent illogical crap", you're transferring. "Incoherence" could be described by your POV that someone on one side of some quantity of sanity has responsibility while someone on the other does not. Unless you can show that line, you're incoherent. You're not so much full of crap as you are full of wishful thinking. You have no basis for your argument except for your ignorance.

You're wrong, Fred, and will stay that way. Everyone is trying to hold you "accountable for the incoherent illogical crap that" you post here but you refuse to listen and understand. That's why everyone is so exasperated. I know where it comes from so it doesn't bother me as much.
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