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Default Re: Selling Evolution

[Carey to Fred:] Its patently obvious that you don't understand, or don't want to understand, what evolution is . . . I've addressed your misunderstandings time and time again, and all you've done is repeat yourself.

[Tom’s quote from Wiki:] If cosmic expansion were to halt and reverse due to gravity, the temperature of the Universe would once again increase, but it's expected that entropy would continue to increase.
Well Carey, sorry you seem unable to appreciate the various problems and failings in your, IMO, simplistic/superficial and circular understanding of biological evolution, although it does seem to be the currently accepted Darwinian dogma, which is really the only important thing regarding you getting whatever scholastic credentials you’re seeking.

But even Tom, the guy who asserts that we humans are not morally responsible for our behavior, seems to at least have some appreciation for the mystery here regarding the beginning low entropy (which, like it or not, has to be taken into account when attempting to understand and explain life and it’s evolution b/c without that low entropy, there’d be no life, no evolution, no “natural selection”).

Although, admittedly, I do find Tom’s rambling regarding the “fluctuations”—that he declares “we’ve been living off,” claiming that those fluctuations “caused energy to clump due to gravity; those clumps cooled to stars; those stars pressed the energy into the different elements; those elements were spread by novae; those elements made your DNA”—to be somewhat incoherent, not to mention superficial. But then I suppose Tom does often tend to be somewhat incoherent and superficial.

Carey, it may seem that we’ve reached yet another dead-end, but I remain hopeful that eventually you’ll realize that you don’t know nearly as much as you think you know. And always remember Fred’s theorem—Randomness is an illusion, but ignorance, unfortunately, is rampant.

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