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Default Re: Defining Spirituality - A Gestalt therapy perspective

For me, Spirituality is about being at one with yourself, without judging or critisizing. It is about just being, being in the moment. It is about acceptance of yourself and others, an intermingling of energies between the universe and us as that same universe. We are all like individual drops of ocean, yet we are of that same ocean, what I do affects you and vice versa. Spirituality for me, is about change, growth, comfort zones, about not holding on to any one perspective but allowing your perspectives to change as you grow, allowing figure and ground to move, roll, intermingle as experience carries us through life like the gentle breeze carries a feather. It isn't just the strength of the breeze that allows the feather to be carried, it is also the components of the feather that gives it the strength to be carried. Spirituality is also, for me about intuition, it is about following and trusting your inner self. That part of you that is deeply and spiritually connected to universal energy. That part of you that surpasses all understanding. It is about trust and about love, not just loving others, that is the easy part, but about loving yourself. As we all begin to love ourselves, not only will that love bring healing to ourselves, it will also bring healing to others and healing into the world.
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