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Default Re: Shame theory and Gestalt therapy

Yes that makes sense... the mode of teaching itself can require the child to 'sit up straight and listen' so that wanting to slouch and daydream and play is seen as 'less than'... ie shameful or disconnecting

And having material 'fed' to us does not acknowledge the inner feeding we can do for ourselves and hence shames this inner voice ...

I imagine the alternative type schools such as Steiner are an attempt to undo the negative impact of traditional schooling...

I spent most of my own childhood in hospital with a kidney disease and I reckon that did a lot for me as I had autonomy to be myself and roam around as I pleased pretty much ....and they had little hospital schooling in those days... in fact I don't remember attending any in hospital.

I would be interested to hear if other people see that school can shame and inhibit people in this way and if others were at alternative schools and what that was like?

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