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Thanks for your Reply Phil, nice to get some feedback, and your views.

You touched upon a thread that is of interest to me, that of the organism not being within a vacuum. I am curious about the increase of Depression in society and what potentialy on a societal level phenomenologically could be seen as themes that exist playing a role in the increase. I imagine that the repetative themes from the media to remain active or busy even in the face of cold or flu for example can seem to put a negative light on the phenomenology of being 'low', albeit physically in this example. I notice distinct themes both within myself on occasion and in clients who come to me for counselling, viewing 'being down' described in their words as a type of 'failing' and conversely being always 'up' a sign of success.

The counselling office at times in my view seems to have become in some ways a type of replacement to the Catholic confessional box. People come to release the parts of themselves that have been held back, out of the seeming greater need to be confluent with a pervading view of 'staying up', rather than risk revealing being 'down' out of fear of rejection or withdrawl of love essentially from their environment.
Of course the self has a role in the letting in or the keeping out of these beliefs or messages. I feel firstly though, being able to even notice the existance of an introject that is alien to the self, due to what could be said to be a dominant societal view (but of course not everyones view), is the begining of the forming of a contact boundary.

Paradoxical Theory of change seems to be apt here. The need to embrace the self 'as is' will possibly lead to intergration, and maybe greater flexability in self regulation.
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