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I am new to this forum and I hope that nobody freaks out when I say that I am not a psychologist but someone with a mental illness. I can understand when you guys want to stay among yourselves; however, I have this idea that it might be interesting to share some of my viewpoints in regards to suicidality or suicidal depression.

First of all, I have this feeling that therapists always seem to be in "rescue" mode because should a suicide happen they think it is their fault. And there is the newsflash-it is not the fault of a psychiatrist or therapist when someone decides to commit suicide. Being suicidal can be anxiety provoking for someone who fears death. Maybe dealing with Life & death issues might help alleviate the anxiety of a completed suicide. I had a therapist who became so anxious when I was suicidal that I quit alerting him when I was seriously suicidally depressed. He could not make any decisions on my behalf despite the fact that I called for help by letting him know that I could not cope on my own anymore. I think if patients really want to die it is very tricky to prevent suicide from happening.....I am sorry just the input of a layperson.

I also think it would be nice if therapists would not always want to "fix" one within a short period of time. Because I as a patient will have to fix myself anyways thus, I need to do this at my pace. Then, therapists can get so exasperated when the help that they offer is not received i.e acknowledged. Sometimes, mental illness can prevent one from acting responsibly.

Suicide is unpredictable because a therapist cannot be with a patient 24/7. Lots of lonely moments present themselves while being severely depressed or manic so that attempting suicide is always an option.

I hope I did not offend anyone here...I am on meds and pretty stable; thus capable of having plenty of discussions.

viele Gruesse
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