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Smile Re: Defining Spirituality - A Gestalt therapy perspective

I found that original post to be wonderful. I think that its a wonderful thing to see therapists concerned about hier patients spiritual well being. I have been a student for 7 years in school while working on my masters degree and I can tell you that I dont belive that this subject was even looked at during the whole 7 years. I would like to know what happened in our times that brought about the thought that spiritulality was an unecessary part of a human being and their well being. I belive that this arrogance can be quite damaging to an individual when their spiritualaity is not dealt with in therapy. I personally believe that there are more parts to the human existance than what can be explained by science. As for the other repsonse which asked if a therapist should pray with a client. I do belive that the therapist should do just that if they feel comfortable with that and the client and it is not a time to evangalize the therapist. I do not see anything wrong with praying with a client and I think that it may even be benificial to let them know that their spirtuality is not negated but can be a very useful tool in their therapy. I may have little practical experince in this field but I do know that through my personal experience a person with faith and expressive spirituality has a much less chance of suicide and a greater degree of hope. How can that be a bad thing? I belive that a therapist shoudl at the very least understand the clients belief system and if possible incorporate it into the therapy. Thank you
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