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Exclamation Re: Alfred Adler on Medical Insurance: 2012 or 1903?

From the Canadian experience at least here in Ontario, government is not only unable to reform health care, but it will probably create a bureaucratic and expensive and intrusive nightmare. I am not excluding governmental assistance for the poor and folks with catastrophic needs, but a sole provider, state only operated system without the cleansing effects of a free market economy is a guarantee for disaster. It will also prove to be very expensive. On the other hand a sole source of health care service moneys in the private sector is just a different type of evil. I understand that the British have a rather effective private/public system and a very fine health care system where the poor and rich are treated with equality as suffering humans regardless of their financial standing. Many years ago I met a senior British orthopedic surgeon and professor who, when I asked him if he got payed for his services on the public ward responded, "Oh God no, I have an embarrassment of money. I do this because I wish to and want to!" He looked confused by my question. I would beg the American people not to adopt the sole source Canadian system with its frightening civil service overburden.
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