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Default Re: Erickson's Impact on Brief Therapy

Thanks for the 'thanks' but I only take care of the Listsever and do this Forum with Jeff - I built the Foundation's web site years ago and then turned it over to Jeanine Elder. It is she who deserves the praise for it's upkeep.

As for Dan Goleman's comment...I thought it was from "Secrets of a Modern Mesmer" by Daniel Goleman in PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, July 1977...but I just re-read it and it's not there. Then I re-read the Network's issue on the Erickson Legacy...I didn't see it there, there was nothing by Doleman in it and no one quoted him. It did spark a memory however, I think the statement was made in Psychology Today (but I have no other issues to consider) just after Erickson's death.

So, I'm not much help on this at this point. I wonder if you can email him and ask? Here is his email address: (tell him I said 'hello').
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