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Default DID and EMDR

I know a lot has been said here about DID. I have read many of the posts and learned quite a bit. Also, I understand that comments cannot be made regarding specific cases. So I will try to be general about my question.

If a person is diagnosed with DID, and also currently experiencing a significant trauma, is it better to delay treatment until the trauma passes? I ask this because even the preparatory work (foundation building, trust building) is causing a worsening of anxiety for me at this point. My therapist is highly qualified for this type of work, she's recieved extensive training in dealing with DID and also in using EMDR. But I find I cannot tolerate the sessions at this point. But here's the problem: my anxiety gets so bad at times that I have no interest in life. I feel that I need help, but the help is making it worse.

What is the best course in this type of situation?
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