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Default Re: In-Roads to Online Therapy

I have the same issues with online therapies that I have with online relationships, that is too many of our senses are not available during such a process. If therapy, in whatever context or content, were simply spoken or written language then it would not be a problem. However when we first meet our clients/patients or as described in the UK, Users, we use sight, sound, smell and touch. These senses are just as important in the therapeutic relationship as is the words that are spoken. For example, when a client presents us with an oxymoron, well spoken, articulate, but then is clearly unable to deal with their own personal hygiene, that cannot remain seated for more the 30 seconds, or sweats profusely and shows signs of extreme nervousness...Or has a repetitive behaviour which would not be seen online, all these aspects would then be reliant on self reporting, in my experience this is not the ideal, in fact it is far from the ideal.

For those individuals that would like to preamp their therapy with an outline of the processes, I'm sure most therapists would be happy to explain their particular interest, if they are not then one might want to look for someone else for assistance.

It's my view, and I suspect I'm not alone with this thought, that these approaches devalue our profession and give substance to the popular press's image of what therapy is or what it is about. Sadly all too often psychology is presented as an answer too ills, in my view it should be presented as a science with a specific agenda, that is to understand human behaviour and cognition and to apply these to the betterment of man kind.

BTW, having said all this I still like Frazer , but I don't think I'd make an appointment to see him
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