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Default Re: Request info on definitive study

Originally Posted by William Reid
2. RE: Your demand that "I want an (sic) *written* test .."
You added the "n" where I had none, making it 'sic'. It's all there in black & white. Tsk tsk! ((YOU ARE CORRECT; MY ERROR -- WHR))
Originally Posted by William Reid
".. that can be administered then graded and assessed by ANY certified INDEPENDENT scientific facility/lab -- a test that will VOUCH UNEQUIVOCALLY that the person (depending on which variant test(s) are performed) can distinguish Right from Wrong, and/or has unimpaired mental acuity, knowledge, wits."
Gee, you're right; there isn't one. If that makes your point, fine.
Yes, that makes my point.
Originally Posted by William Reid
PS: I also haven't found such a test -- or any test -- for various forms of heart disease, dementia, dizziness, and back problems. I guess that kind of ambiguity is what separates medicine from, say, basic arithmetic and Mister Spock's computer-esque logic. But that doesn't mean I'm going to cancel my next cardiology appointment or stop taking my Zocor.
There are fairly reliable lab tests to identify most (the Lion's Share of) impairments of the human physique.
Originally Posted by William Reid
3. One of my professors was an excellent evaluator of research methodology. In his process of mercilessly critiquing papers for grants and publications, he also gave credit to the thousands of clinicians and researchers who at least try to tackle hard-to-define questions (and sometimes devote large chunks of their careers to them), but who almost never accomplish a "perfect" study or find a "final" answer. His point, for professionals and armchair critics alike when they heap sophomoric criticism on someone else's honest work, was often to tell the critic to go and do a better study.
I don't profess to slander honest diligent work, but when you have a situation where an upstanding blameless human soul can get labelled, villified, incarcerated and ever alienated from basic constitutional due process, you had best rein in your precious egoes and see to it that no one is victimized by unfounded or unsubstantiable allegations!

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