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Default Re: Ethics of reality tv show

Originally Posted by Da Friendly Puter Tech
In the last 5 years or so at least 2 kids have died while at these camps because the caregivers had to restrain them.
I'm curious about this one, FPT. How did they die exactly? (This seems to imply that they were "restrained" to death.) Do you remember your source for this information? I'd be interested in comparing the death/injury stats from these "boot camp" programs to similar stats from wilderness programs and plain old summer camps.

I agree with your point about family systems. I'm not a systems-oriented thinker, really, but I wonder how these kids are going to fare when they're sent back home. (The fact that their parents were willing to humiliate them on national television leads me to believe that they're either really bad parents or they're really desperate for help. Just speculation.)
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