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Default Re: Two Cousins: Francis Galton Site

Thanks for pointing me to the writings of this famous racist. I had read some of his stuff before but the Galton Website provides the Full Monte, you might say.

One that caught my eye was this wherein he expands, from his position as an obviously suprerior Anglo-Saxon - on his scientific estimation of the differences in quality between Negroes and Chinamen.

In this letter-to-the-editor he was proposing that it was in the interest of enlightened men like himself, to settle Chinamen in the lands of the Negroes (the East Coast of Africa), wherein the Negroes would eventually be displaced by the industrious Chinaman and die out, for the betterment of mankind, of course . . . .
The truth appears to be that individuals of the mental caliber I have just described are much more exceptional in the negro than in the Anglo-Saxon race, and that average negroes possess too little intellect, self-reliance, and self-control to make it possible for them to sustain the burden of any respectable form of civilization without a large measure of external guidance and support. The Chinaman is a being of another kind, who is endowed with a remarkable aptitude for a high material civilization. He is seen to the least advantage in his own country, where a temporary dark age still prevails, which has not sapped the genius of the race, though it has stunted the developed the of each member of it, by the rigid enforcement of an effete system of classical education which treats originality as a social crime. All the bad parts of his character, as his lying and servility, spring from timidity due to an education that has cowed him, and no treatment is better calculated to remedy that evil than location in a free settlement. The natural capacity of the Chinaman shows itself by the success with which, notwithstanding his timidity, he competes with strangers, wherever he may reside. The Chinese emigrants possess an extraordinary instinct for political and social organization; they contrive to establish for themselves a police and internal government, and they give no trouble to their rulers so long as they are left to manage those matters by themselves. They are good-tempered, frugal, industrious, saving, commercially inclined, and extraordinarily prolific. They thrive in all countries, the natives of the Southern provinces being perfectly able to labor and multiply in the hottest climates. Of all known varieties or mankind there is none so appropriate as the Chinaman to become the future occupant of the enormous regions which lie between the tropics, whose extent is far more vast than it appears, from the cramped manner in which those latitudes are pictured in the ordinary maps of the world.
I have wondered about the attraction of some Evolutionary Biologists to what I had always considered to be the pseudo-science of Eugenics. But realistically, I have no real education or degrees in Psychology or any of the natural sciences.

Perhaps, you could take a few paragraphs to describe your attraction to this area of the human sciences and briefly describe whatever premises you hold, that seem to underlie your many posts and references on this topic.

You may be offering these as lessons in how backward science was in the not too distant past and how easily strong beliefs can affect what even educated scientists see when they look at evidence, but from the tone of your referencing posts that doesn't seem likely.

In any case, here's your chance to explain it for us.

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