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amy mcgraw March 12th, 2005 11:32 AM

Re: Anyone want to comment???
I found this thread quite thought provoking, having recently returned to the "formal" setting of university education. The trend in education presently seems to be a 50 to 100% online format. Initially I was excited about the opportunity to participate in forums etc., geared to relevant topics. However, like the response to BOL, I have found that in reality, there is little interest in discussing issues and problem solving online. Perhaps a reflection of our "me" society in general...if doesn't interest me personally, then it doesn't exist? Is it an attitude of laziness or feeling inadequate in ideas or writing ability?

Lillian March 29th, 2005 06:24 PM

Re: Anyone want to comment???
Hello, I am from the Netherlands. (so maybe my english is not all that good) I'd like to say, that in my country I also searched for a gestalt-forum. There is one, but also hardly any activity. I recently tried to start discussion, however there are only 3 active writing users, ..more who only read! This seems to be due to the subject "gestalt". On other forums (health, psycho, etc.) there are many active users. I don't understand the hesitation of gestalt-users to discuss. I am happy to have found this international site.


Phil Brownell March 30th, 2005 07:53 AM

Re: Anyone want to comment???
Dear Lillian,
While not wanting to take anything away from the Gestalt Forum at BOL, there is another international Gestalt group. That would be the on-line community known as Gstalt-L ( While BOL is a bulletin board format, Gstalt-L is a listserv, with a web-based archive. While the BOL forum seems to be largely focused on topics, Gstalt-L is topics within the context of relationship. As with any on-line, interactive group, the contributing subscribers comprise a small per cent of the total members. There are people at Gstalt-L from the UK, the USA, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Australia and New Zealand, France, Germany, Russia, Kyrgyzstan ... well, it is international. Because it is also about relationships, in addition to discussing Gestalt therapy theory and practice, the people at Gstalt-L play, talk about their personal lives, get angry, talk about politics and religion, and they explore these things, and the connection people have with one another - as most Gestalt oriented people would. The members are students and established clinicians, Gestalt trainers and trainees alike. Thus, I would advocate that people interested in Gestalt utilize both BOL and Gstalt-L.

Philip Brownell, M.Div., Psy.D.
Sr. Editor, Gestalt! (
Manager, Gstalt-L

Anna Freud April 2nd, 2005 09:47 PM

Re: Anyone want to comment???

I am replying to the post where someone spoke about others not responding thus ending up as sort of a classroom atmosphere. What I have found is that some who are of a learned background become upset if anyone "below" their intelligence or education speaks. Then there is this spiral effect. The undereducated person who spoke is ridiculed and cast down and kicked to the corner and the higher uppity-ups continue in their high dialogue. Thinking, it appears that no one else is good enough to join their club. Then those great discussions are played out and wondered of why others do not speak? Anyone else with this view?


Doug William April 3rd, 2005 07:25 PM

Re: Anyone want to comment???
I'm not aware, at least not in the Forums I participate in here, of responses that would make participants feel 'put down' or made to feel in some way inferior. In another forum I've joined made up of only school psychologists, participation is also very low. The posts in that group could not be more positive or welcoming, but it doesn't seem to matter. I regret my reference to a 'classroom' setting, because that is really very, very different from this context.

What is true elsewhere on the internet, is that the 'disinhibition effect' rules the day and people can be incredibly nasty. I prefer to think that the reluctance of people to participate here has something to do with the feeling that they are interested to read what others say here, but genuinely feel that they have nothing to contribute. I think if more people would take a chance, they would quickly discover this is really not the case.


victor daniels April 10th, 2005 12:35 AM

Re: Anyone want to comment???
Hi Brian. I'm not sure how these threads work and whether I should reply to message 1 or the last message, so am trying in both places. I'm visiting your forum for the first time in about three years. Actually I like this format where you have to log in to look at the messages. I tend to be more of a "lurker," checking in on postings and only participating when I find something that really grabs my interest. I used to get frustrated by the frequent habit on Gestalt-L of one person posting ten messages a day or more--it happened on a humanistic psychology listserv I previously was on and sometimes happens on the Amsterdam Conference planning listserv. I try to limit myself to one posting a day in order not to clog others' inboxes unless there are multiple messages I'm responding to.

Three substantive messages:
1. It occurred to me to check in on your forum while in the middle of radically rebuilding the Gestalt site at Sonoma State University, which I am still in the middle of redoing. (If you want to visit, it's at

I notice that the GANZ journal is hardcopy only. Perhaps you might consider the possibility of posting a few of your most interesting articles to establish an online presence there. You could probably get Phil to put in links to them, and I certainly would.

2. If you know anyone who is going to the Amsterdam Conference who has something interesting to offer, PLEASE SUGGEST THAT THEY SUBMIT A WORKSHOP OR PRESENTATION PROPOSAL. Including you if you plan to attend. So far proposals are coming in more slowly than we would like. Entirely new presentations should be sent to


and presentations that have been done at another Gestalt conference elsewhere in the world and have already been peer-reviewed should be sent to

3. When I went to register at Behavior Online, I got a bad connection that went nowhere when I was in Netscape. I got in through Explorer. I haven't tried Safari or Firefox.

I hope all is going well with your presidency of AAGT. Are you going to Amsterdam?

All the best, Victor

Brian O'Neill April 16th, 2005 07:47 AM

Re: Anyone want to comment???
Hi Victor and thanks for the post. I am going to Amsterdam and I believe you, Peter, Tine and others have done a great job preparing the thanks ....with all the great energy that people like you are bringing to AAGT we are creating an exciting association which is continuing to advance Gestalt therapy...


Anna Freud April 29th, 2005 11:34 PM

Re: Anyone want to comment???

Maybe it is because you are not an :( interesting person.


Ranada May 2nd, 2005 09:24 PM

Re: Anyone want to comment???
It isnt that I dont want to respond, it is for me at least, very difficult to figure out the flow of this forum and be able to find the rythmn. I am used to IM with its instant responses so I am trying to make an attempt, but am not sure I will be able to figure it all out and be able to ride the wave.

Brian O'Neill May 5th, 2005 11:13 PM

Re: Anyone want to comment???
Hi Ranada

I hear what you say... I 'm interested that this thread is paradoxically the one with the least "content" yet has the most responses now... so I the difficulty of finding the wave or rythym of the Forum has indeed also been in the slow responses.... I felt that also...

Seems like the thread with the most responses has been one about our personal process here.... are the other threads at IM more personal?


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