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James Pretzer July 5th, 2004 09:25 PM

For Non-Professionals Seeking Information or Advice
If you are a non-professional seeking information or advice, this is not the place you are looking for. The Cognitive Therapy Forum of Behavior OnLine is specifically designed as a place for mental health professionals (and graduate students in mental health) to discuss professional issues related to Cognitive Therapy.

There are many excellent Web sites available which provide information and advice for non-professionals. Here are some good places to start (and each site has links to many other resources on the Internet):

* Mental Health Net -
* Psych Central -
* American Psychiatric Association -
* Anxiety Disorders Association of America -
* Obsessive Compulsive Foundation - http://
* Internet Mental Health -
* Mental Health Net Self-Help Sourcebook OnLine Index -
* Psychological Self-Help -
* Behavioral Health Resources -

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