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Henry Stein August 31st, 2004 01:04 PM

Introduction to the Study and Discussion of Alfred Adler's Journal Articles
Join us for the first online study and discussion of Alfred Adler's newly translated journal articles and discover his remarkable legacy of psychological wisdom. We will explore Adler's fascinating development--from the early roots of socially responsible medicine, through the evolution of unequaled insight into the personality, and the development of an inspiring philosophy of living. Starting with his earliest published writings, and proceeding chronologically, each week or two (starting September 13th), we will focus on an article from "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler." Everyone is invited to participate--students, professors, clinicians, and anyone interested in learning more about Classical Adlerian Psychology. You can share your comments, ask questions, and respond to the messages left by other forum members. If you can't start right away, just follow the threads and participate when you are ready. Don't miss this rare opportunity to study Adler's original writings in depth and engage in dialogues with a wide community of Adlerians from all over the world.

To prepare for each discussion, read the suggested chapter in the appropriate volume. Copies of each volume may be purchased at Make notes of the highlights you wish to comment on and the questions you'd like to raise, then post them under the appropriate thread for each volume. Order Volume 2 now at, read Chapter I, and start posting your comments and questions. You'll need to register as a member before posting your first message--read George Neeson's message "Posting is Easy" for instructions.

George Neeson August 31st, 2004 03:44 PM

Re: Introduction to the Study and Discussion of Alfred Adler's Journal Articles
Now this sounds like fun and very educational. I am looking forward to the discussions eagerly.

emansager September 5th, 2004 10:28 PM

Re: Introduction to the Study and Discussion of Alfred Adler's Journal Articles
I look forward to checking in on this discussion regularly. I've reviewed the first four volumes and am currently reviewing Volumes 5 & 6 and enjoying them very much. The opportunities to learn and grow, compare and challenge, represented in this collection is endless. Yahoo, here we go!

Henry Stein September 26th, 2004 01:09 PM

Re: Introduction to the Study and Discussion of Alfred Adler's Journal Articles
The ideal climate for these discussions would be a vigorous range of perspectives and levels of experience. I encourage the beginning student to question and elicit reponses from seasoned clinicians. This level of exchange is essential for appreciating and digesting Adler's wisdom--reading is not enough. Also, most of Adler's ideas, formulated in the early 1900's have held up remarkably well, but some deserve a hearty critical examination--this could generate a dyanamic exchange for the scholarly. It is through these challenging dialogues that Adler's ideas can be appropriately affirmed, critiqued, and brought to life with illustration. Be assured that your comments and questions are appreciated, so plunge right in--even if you are a student who has just discovered Adler. For a perspective on our study schedule, select the "Calendar" link and check the dates for focusing the disucssion on specific chapters from "The Collected Clinical Works of Alfred Adler." By following this chronological exploration of Adler's clinical writings, you'll get a more profound insight into his theory, philosophy, and style of psychotherapy--significanlty beyond the content of his popular writings.

George Neeson September 26th, 2004 10:08 PM

Re: Introduction to the Study and Discussion of Alfred Adler's Journal Articles
OK so we look like a real exclusive bunch of "groupies" if you read the lower left hand corner of the "splash page".

You may not...
You may not ...
You may not ...
You may not ...

Well being Irish I don't take kindly to "may nots".

Overcome the "resistance" (of the forum) by going to the left side of the title bar and clicking on "Register". That's at the top if you don't like reading splash pages ... I don't.
They are a bit sticky about agreeing to the rules ... read them if you feel like it, but please say "yes".
Then develop a "user name" ... your own is often nice because we get to know you a bit.
Then enter a password. Make sure you can remember the darn thing. I have so many that as a "sexy senior citizen" they get hard to remember.
Then join us. No question is dumb. We are all learning this psychology. Adler wasn't dumb. The jury is out on me!
Say your two cents worth ... five Pounds worth is better or how about a 100 Euro??? If you like $US bucks we take them too. You probably will be underwhelmed by Canuck Bucks. Or ask any question. Some questions that seem easy at first blush, can keep us spinning for quite a while.
We look prohibitive, but we are really very friendly so welcome.

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