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Henry Stein July 14th, 2011 12:28 PM

Videos: Demonstration and Discussion of Classical Adlerian Brief Therapy
In a 10-minute video, Henry T. Stein, Ph.D., demonstrates Classical Adlerian Brief Therapy with a colleague who role-plays one of her clients. The client begins by complaining about an indifferent husband who used to be nicer. Using a Socratic style of questioning, Dr. Stein diplomatically explores what the client has omitted in the relationship, eventually focusing on what she could do differently to engage her husband positively, even to surprise him, and to consider what else she might do to improve the situation.

In a follow-up 15-minute video, Dr. Stein explains his therapeutic strategies and responds to questions from a group. The therapist's optimism and faith in what the client could do, provides a persistent stream of encouragement, even if it only stimulates doubt in her current, limited beliefs. The benefits of group work and role-playing, as well as memories, dreams, and fantasies are also clarified.

These videos are available on our subscription site. A new, mid-year subscription rate of $45 is available at

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