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James Brody January 22nd, 2011 12:06 PM

Imprinting: Attacks on Palin & Bachmann
First, our national polarities are a replay of what we saw in the War Between the States: New England and Manhattan merchants insisted on support from southern tax payers. Those merchants are now called “liberals.”

Second, genetics allows the anatomy of one sex to be matched to the instincts of the opposite one. We have, for example, massive numbers of “girly men” – Schwarzenegger’s phrase – in the media, academia, the courts, and politics. One the other hand, we are blessed with fecundity, beauty, and brains in Michelle and Sarah and it’s easy to imagine them on horseback leading the Southern brigades over fences and into the fire of Northern cannons.

“Gravitas” be damned! We should retire right now Newt, Rudy, Mitt, and Mac and beg either of these women to run this country…
As for O’Reilly…he’s correct but missed half the story….

“The crew at Fox and Friends had fellow Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly on their show this morning via telephone. The subject of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann came up in conversation, specifically why these two woman seemed to be lightening (sic!) rods for criticism, particularly from the left.
O’Reilly had an interesting take on this saying, ‘I don’t get the good-looking factor,’ suggesting that part of the reason these two receive so many knocks is because they are so attractive.

O’Reilly continued, saying ‘the better looking these women are, like Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, the more the left attacks them.’ Fox and Friends co-host quickly agreed, saying that ‘attractive women in general – there’s some disconnect in society that you can’t be attractive and smart.’ Submitted without further comment.”

ToddStark February 5th, 2011 05:47 PM

Re: Imprinting: Attacks on Palin & Bachmann
Regarding the American political spectrum and perception of Sarah Palin ...

Sarah is reasonably attractive, but I am very suspicious that it is much of a factor in her unpopularity with the left. She seems unreflective in a similar sense that GW did and I think leftists resent the influence of people who appeal to "common sense" without knowledge. Folks to whom the political left appeals seem to have a different concept of what makes someone capable of making good decisions that do the folks to whom Sarah appeals. I think that's closer to an explanation than physical appearance in the specific case of Sarah. Just my own impression.

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