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Jim Stephens October 8th, 2004 01:47 AM

Thank you, Dr. Zeig...
Dr. Zeig,

I've recently purchased and watched "The Process of Hypnotic Induction" and "Symbolic Hypnotherapy" videos. Your commentary was very helpful in breaking down what Dr. Erickson was doing moment-by-moment. Incidentally, since watching those videos I've made a beginning attempt to do the same thing on my own with "The Reverse Set..." and my head is still "floating" and "spaced out" a little (ha, ha). Thank you for taking the time to put together that series.

I have one question regarding "Symbolic Hypnotherapy." Since the theme that Dr. Erickson addressed with Lee was identity, is there any chance that his initial "mistake" in identifying her as someone else was not a mistake as much as the beginning of asking the question "who are you?"

One last note. I'll be attending your training in NYC in November and look forward to meeting you.

Jim Stephens

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