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John Simon June 20th, 2006 11:38 PM

Can hypnosis lead me to having a gambling problem?
Mr. Lankton,

I noticed that one of the institutes has a training coming up where they claim that a person can use hypnosis to see the future and know private information about other people. This reminds me of an interview I read with Gilligan where he was talking about deep trance identification. In this article, he stated that he went into trance and modeled Erickson and when Gregory Bateson walked in the room, he was able to tell him some private information that only Bateson and Erickson would know.

My question to you is do you believe that these phenomena are possible with hypnosis. I thought the community decided a long time ago that objective reality is not possible with hypnosis but rather co-created (i.e. regressing people back into the womb to see objectively what happened). Which future would we be looking at? Can I use this skill for gambling? :)


Stephen Lankton June 21st, 2006 02:38 AM

Re: Can hypnosis lead me to having a gambling problem?
The unnamed institute you mentioned that makes the promise for attendees to know the future with the use of hypnosis is not using the hypnosis I know about.

You can't even know the past with hypnosis (as you mentioned)!

There are groups who promise such all-knowing (assessing/reading 'Akashic records,' for one.) and they most usually report that they feel they enter some special state as they do it. The people I've seen "accessing Akashic records" were most disappointing and incorrect.

I bet there are a lot of self-diluted participants in such workshops who hope and want to have some control of reality in that way and perhaps convince themselves that they are getting there. It is very hard to teach juggling to a group and have more than a few get it. It is harder to teach aikido or guitar and have more than one person get ~anything~ from such teaching in the course of a 'workshop'. And those things are quantifiable, measurable, definable, and pretty darn tangible. So...can a workshop teach a batch of folks to see/know the future? I remain very very very much more than unconvinced.

Certainly some rare individuals have, on occasion, had a remarkably high 'hit rate' for gleaning the future most specifically. I have a few stories about some of these individuals I've run into in my life. And they most often (but not always) report a special state they attain when they do their thing. But the MASS reproduction and marketing of this 'skill' or 'sensitivity' or 'talent' or 'luck' or whatever it is, is preposterous in my experience and opinion. And too the fact that this 'skill' relies on a 'trance state' does not mean that learning a trance state can lead to the skill. A well groomed person may wear a neck tie but wearing a neck tie will not make you a well groomed person.

My deep trance identification with Erickson results in my producing comments (playing Erickson) that I (as Steve) would never have thought or have said. I'm sure the same is true for Steve Gilligan in this regard. (I don't know his Bateson story, sorry). As for gambling...I'd stick with a limit of losing $50- $100 or less, if I were you! Oh yes, and be sure to check the credentials of the 'institute' leaders before gambling on that workshop.

John Simon June 21st, 2006 09:41 AM

Re: Can hypnosis lead me to having a gambling problem?
Mr. Lankton,

I knew you would say that and I did not even go to the training yet. I did not want to put the name of the institute on the board because I did not want to embarrass anyone.

The Gilligan quote is at the link below. Check out question #7 for his response to deep trance identification.

Thanks for being the voice of reason related to hypnosis.


Stephen Lankton July 12th, 2006 03:24 AM

Re: Can hypnosis lead me to having a gambling problem?
That is very sweet of you to say I was the 'voice of reason' - I should be so lucky. But thanks.

Gilligan's comments are probably a pretty accurate account of whatever that event was. It is quite vague so I don't know what it was that happened or how to really interpret of judge it. It sounds like he means something a little x-files-like happened. And, hey, spooky stuff does happen in this world why not...? Our scientific explanations have a long way to go in certain areas and especially those that involve subtle communications and also things we lump into categories like "chance" and "intuition" and, worse, "esp" and so on. I very confident that human communication is affected by variable that are well beyond the limits of our instrumentation and our capabilities for measurement. I rather fear that it will be that that situation may remain for decades. Nevertheless, as professionals we all need to be careful what we present and what others may infer about therapy, hypnosis, and so on. Yet, when you are in a spot-light some of what you say will get 'spun' in a way you didn't wish.

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