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James Brody October 27th, 2007 12:56 PM

Fred and Shelley Hussey are fine folks. Fred, in particular, is rare: he writes well about the combination of his religious faith and belief in evolution. He's also been with this forum nearly as long as I have and he gives generously in debates with some of you.

Fred, however, has recurrent liver problems. Shelley informs me that he "Lost 18 pounds in about 3 weeks, on steroids, lots of other meds...We'll be making an appt. at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, as NO ONE in Atlanta understands his rare liver disease (called primary sclerosing cholangitis, or PSC).

"Anyway, he LOVES funny cards, emails, so if you feel so inclined, please do send! He's very weak, so he's not taking any visitors or even phone calls, hopefully that will change soon."

Please email him (removed because he's afraid of Spam!)

James Brody November 1st, 2007 08:50 PM

I always do whatever Shelley wants...


Hey Jim-
I think you should post Fred's email below to the board. It's pretty
witty, for feeling so shi--.


Fred H. wrote:
> Hey Jim, thanks so much for your sentiments. You're very kind.
> I seem to making some very slow progress. Only two diarrhea BMs today
> so far. Now that's progress.
> Actually I'm down about 25 lbs, but I think I'm holding. I tend to be
> very tired. I eat/drink only water and something called Breeze---sugar
> water with lots of calories and vitamins.
> The fact that I'm writing his email indicates I've had a mini burst of
> energy. Won't last long and I'll probably soon be quite exhausted..
> Thanks so much for your concern. If/when I'm healthier I'll post a
> quick, hopefully witty and relevant to EP, summary of my PSC &
> pancreatitis-diarrhea days. I've decided I'm going to be far more
> proactive in my study/research of my disease(s). Pain is a great
> motivator.
> At the risk of sounding a bit anal, so to speak, please remove my/our
> email address from your post. Haven't received any spam and want to
> avoid possibility as much as possible.
> Later,
> Fred Hussey

Too bad when a Georgia cracker doesn't like Spam...


James Brody November 9th, 2007 11:32 AM

More On Fred Directly from Hisself
(as edited a bit! also, an illustration of keeping the options open in both religion and in science, or in this case, medicine. CS Lewis would understand, so would GK Chesterton. Look 'em up on Wiki and branch out. I'm intrigued by the overlap in timing between Fred's difficulties and Washoe's demise...confused angel in charge of pick-up and delivery of souls? Should have called this, "Wahoe dead, Hussey lives")


"Hey Jim,

"Anon said: 'I see that you will probably not have Fred to present his viewpoint. I really
enjoyed him.'

"Say what? I thought she was praying for me? Where's her faith?

"I'm doing much better. I started eating regular food (with prescription enzyme supplements), my BMs are now more or less normal, I'm gaining weight. I'll be tapering off (t)he steroids thru January.

"Next week,Tue, I get an MRI (actually it's an MRCP) that will look at my bile ducts. Hoping there's no blockage, but if there is I'll need an ERCP (endoscope down throat to attempt to fix/stent/balloon/whatever the strictured bile/pancreas duct). They say there's a10% complications rate for the procedure, but I suspect it's higher. Easy thing to screw up. I'd never have the procedure unless I absolutely must.

"What one does in such a situation is find the most skilled Dr. that has done the procedure 1000s of times and has the best success rate. No one in Atlanta. Asked my hepatologist, a crusty, conservative, no-nonsense kind a guy who he'd go to. One of the best is several hundred miles away, which is where I'll go if I need the procedure.

"Don't think I'll ask Anon---"you will probably not have Fred to present his viewpoint, I really enjoyed him"???----to pray for me.

"You may want to mention to Anon that while I understand that her main priority is your salvation, I'm certain that God's plan is NOT that my premature demise would hasten, or have any positive impact whatsoever, on your salvation.... I suspect I may be around a few more years, although spending less time on EP and more on PSC & UC & IBD.



Fred H. November 9th, 2007 03:12 PM

JB said:

I'm intrigued by the overlap in timing between Fred's difficulties and Washoe's demise...confused angel in charge of pick-up and delivery of souls? Should have called this, "Wahoe dead, Hussey lives"
I’m guessing the monkey’s health benefits weren’t as good as mine.

OTOH, if Hillary had had her way back when she and Bill were president and she attempted to socialize the health care system, things might have been more fair today; in which case the monkey and I would both be dead.

Give anon a holy kiss for me.

James Brody November 15th, 2007 11:33 AM

FRED HUSSEY: Flushed Out
More news, slightly edited.

Got my MRCP results and things look OK?no blockage, no stones, no obvious strictures. Hence no ERCP, at least not for now. Made my day.

Hallelujah. Now if I can continue to taper off the steroids w/o any problems, things s/b just peachy.

James Brody November 15th, 2007 11:35 AM

"Praise Jay-sus"
Subj: Hold the Mayo!
Date: 11/14/2007 3:52:01 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Shelley
Received from Internet: click here for more information

Fred had an MRCP yesterday to see if his extrahepatic ducts/pancreatic
ducts were blocked, and THEY ARE NOT! All appears "normal."

"Praise Jay-sus, say 'Hallelujah' and pass the offering!"

So the trip to the Mayo Clinic is on hold for now. In fact, ALL mayo is
on hold. Diet will be low fat, no fat to keep pancreatitis from ever
coming back.

Thanks everyone for your prayers, your funny cards, and your concern.

James Brody April 6th, 2009 11:03 AM

Fred's had a relapse, perhaps he argued with his docs or with God....


Fred H. April 9th, 2009 11:30 AM

Argued with neither. Sometimes a relapse is just a relapse. Entropy inexorably increases. Inevitably our bodies age, things break. We find ourselves in a 13 billion year old space-time; whether we live in this universe for a day or a hundred years, it’s little more than moments in time.

I’m trying Remicade for the UC. Perhaps it’ll give me a few more moments of time in this universe. Also I may experiment with the SCD diet. Regardless, inevitably, out time here ends; sooner or later I’ll enter my eternal home, God’s rest, eternal life as it were.

James Brody April 9th, 2009 01:41 PM


I recall being petrified of death when I was eight years old, even to the extent of never reading the "S" volume of the Britannica because there was a black and white glossy of skeletons in it.

Now, death loses more of its sting with each birthday.

And given the proportion of my generation in our society and our costs to our families - 95% of lifetime health costs occur in the last six months before death, modern communication will again encourage synchrony between similar individuals and swarms of us may depart at any one time.

Nonetheless, I'm damned glad you're kicking again!


TomJrzk April 9th, 2009 02:31 PM

If it's sooner, at least you'll know which of us is right. The upside for you is that you won't know if you're wrong. Godspeed, be it soon or, better yet, in decades.

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